Scribblet 2.0.1

Discreet and easy notetaker for Macs

Scribblet is a discreet menu bar item that allows you to instantly jot down your ideas at any time. View full description


  • Configure your own hotkeys
  • Discreet and lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • Limited editing features

Not bad

Scribblet is a discreet menu bar item that allows you to instantly jot down your ideas at any time.

Scribblet is based around using hotkeys, which you can configure yourself so that the application can be called up and minimized at the touch of a button. Scribblet is lightweight, unobtrusive and sits quietly in your menu bar. Once opened, you can write up notes, choosing the font color and type and they will be automatically saved.

Scribblet was a bit limited in the first version although you can now write multiple notes and organize them in different ways. The editing tools themselves are fairly basic though and while this latest version has added some welcome new additions such as an improved interface, bug fixes and tweaks, it would be nice to have a bit more control over how you edit notes.

Overall though, Scribblet is a handy note taking application which is easy to access and should keep you more organized.


  • Added automatic re-focusing of last active application/window when Scribblet is closed, which makes it nice and easy to jump in and out of Scribblet.
  • ?Added a "Buy License" menu item to the application's main menu (dock mode only) when application is unregistered.
  • ?Changed action for "Print" menu item on the application's main menu (dock mode only) to display a drop-down sheet instead of a modal window.
  • ?Improved the reliability of creating empty folders and notes on the disk.
  • ?Fixed certain keyboard shortcuts that were working when they shouldn't have been, which caused unintended behavior.
  • ?Fixed "Don't Save" choice being ignored, which occurred when the "hides when inactive" setting was enabled. The discarded changes were still visible when the Scribblet window was re-opened, although they weren't saved to the disk.
  • ?Fixed the "Buy License" menu item not being hidden on the drop-down Action menu when registered.
  • ?Fixed "restore last view" startup crash, which would occur when the setting was enabled but the required path data hadn't been saved for some reason. Also, the path data didn't always reliably save when navigating backwards.
  • ?Fixed "Show in Finder" bug, where the correct note or folder wasn't always selected.
  • ?Fixed slow saving of preferences by switching from AppleScript to the appropriate Leopard API for adding an application to the user's Login Items.
  • ?Renamed "Bookmarks" toolbar icon to "Favourites" to match the terminology used throughout the application.
  • ?Renamed "Close" button on the Trial Expired message window to "Quit and Export Notes", which now opens up a Finder window showing the user where their notes are saved. The "Buy License" button no longer quits the application, either.
  • ?Tweaked the appearance of the application, including: replacing the background image for the breadcrumb trail, increasing the height of the breadcrumb trail and rows, etc. Position and size of the Scribblet window will be reset when updating.

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Scribblet 2.0.1

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